Download RentSpek Today

Download RentSpek Today
Renters don't have the option of a home inspection prior to leasing an apartment or house. So RentSpek designed one.

RentSpek inspects apartments before you move in.

RentSpek is a FREE app that allows users rate apartments for rent as they walk through the door. Apartment hunting is awful. On the surface everything is great, but after you sign the lease you realize the place wasn't really what it seems. Touring rental property is usually a quick process. RentSpek makes the best use of that time by guiding you through a detailed inspection and providing an easy to read grade of the properties you're considering.

How Does RentSpek Work?

The app walks Renters through an apartment & asks questions about things they may never have looked for. Using a patent pending system, RentSpek determines a grade to let you know the quality of the property.

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